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QUESTION: I bought this clock at an estate sale and knew that the cord needed to be replaced.  Well everything went fine - replaced cord clock running and then this piece fell off.  When I tried to put it back on it blew the circuit breaker.  Obviously I'm missing something.  If I remember right, when it came off there was a wire between the 2 prongs, but I could be wrong.  I've attached several pics to hopefully help you.  Thank you in advance.

ANSWER: I am very familiar with this type of clock motor and they are very difficult to replace the cords as the cords are usually attached to the very small coil wires and they break very easily.
The other two pictures that you sent were very blurred and hard to see so I am going to guess at what your problem is.  The two fine wires that come from the coil can not touch or you will have a very shocking experience.  Most of the time, these wires are very brittle from age and tend to fall apart.  Usually I try to attach a new cord to the old cord with wire nuts just to avoid your problem. If the wires are detached from the coil, there is nothing you can do as they are sealed into the coil.  If you can not make the old coil work, I may have a coil that will work with your motor.  Please contact me if you need another coil.  I would have to see your old coil to be sure it is the same.  Please check our web site for our address to ship the coil to.  Thank you.

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QUESTION: thank you for the great answer.  I was able to get the new cord attached just fine, then the barrel  cover broke and the 2 little wires that are attached to the prongs got broken.  I guess since they can not be fixed I'll check out your website because I do need another one.  thank you.
here is a pic of just the coil.  Hope that helps

Don't feel bad that you broke the little wires because when I first started doing these clock coils I did the same thing.  If you do send me the parts, please send the motor as well as the coil so I can test the motor on my coil to be sure it will work.  The motors usually go bad before the coils.

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