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Metal band
Metal band  

Strap attached
Strap attached  
I have a New Haven Mantel clock (I think 1923). It has 4 strike hammers that are suspended above the chimes with thin metal "bands" or straps about 4" long with a slot in one end to attach to strike hammer and a small hole in other end that fits over end of lift mechanism.  Where can I find/buy a replacement metal strap? The end of one of mine is torn and cannot hold onto the lifting arm.  See attached picture.

New Haven clock movements are a kind of unique as they did not make as many as Gilbert and some of the other New England makers.  They were a very good movement but most of their parts do not fit on any other movement.  

This rod is spring steel and I can not get a new one without hand making it from a piece of spring steel.  If you will send it to me I can see if I can repair the end so it will work for you.  If you have a good rod to send with the broken one it will give me the hole size and location.  Send to me at: Kiefer Appliance, 4511 Monona Dr. Monona, Wi. 53716  Thank you.

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