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I had an old(100 yr cuckoo clock rebuilt about two years ago.  It has worked just fine since until today.  I was gone for a few days and came home and it had stopped as it only runs 24 hours before needing wound.  I wound as I always do and now it stops as soon as I put the pendulum on it.  It runs(fast) but works without the pendulum?  What could have happened to it.  I have left many times before and come home to no problems.  What should I check or do on my own before seeking repairs?

You may have gotten the clock out of level when you wound it.  After you place the pendulum on the clock you should listen to the tick tock beat.  If it is equal on each beat it should run.
You may have to raise or lower one side of the clock to make it tick equal.  A 1/16" makes a big difference on a cuckoo clock. Rotate the clock on the wall and it will move one side higher and the other side lower.  Then listen to it again and see if it is equal.  If  not adjust it again.
This should solve your problem.  If not let me know.  Thanks.

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