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The chime on my gilbert will not stop until the spring is unwound.
Is there any way I can fix it myself?
Where can I get the proper key?

Thanks very much for your help

To stop the chime will take some bending of some of the control rods and I would have to have to clock in front of me as it is a trial and error adjustment. You make an adjustment and try it to see if it works.  I am sorry but I would not be able to walk you through the process through email.  If you have a clock repair person in your area that will work on the clock, you should be able to save some money if you remove the movement and just take it in to them.  The movement probably should be cleaned and oiled and the bearings all checked while it out as well.

As clocks ware they sometimes will not work as they should on the strike side and adjustments have to be made.

If you can not find a clock person in your area, you can ship it to me and I will be glad to repair the movement.  Please send the pendulum with the movement if you ship it to me as I like to let them run for at least two weeks before returning them.

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