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I have a Sessions Mantle clock. Just bought it and had it totally restored, the case that is. The front clock Bezel is a bit bent have to be careful with closing. How hard is it to procure a replacement. Clock was mfg. in 12/37 keeps pretty good time I just got it synched correctly. Thanks for your assist.

A new one would not look right. Do a search on Ebay for an old one. You can save the search and they will email you whenever one comes up. It would be easier for you if you can find the bezel and dial together as a unit. The bezel is riveted or soldered on and changing it can be tricky. The bezel is fairly soft brass. Have you tried straightening it? Usually the glass is held in with bendable tabs. Take the glass out and try a pair of pliers padded with cloth or small pieces of wood so as to not leave dents. Taking the hands off and removing the unit from the case would be easier. Hands have a nut in the center. Remove it and the minute hand should come right off. The hour hand will pull out straight and is only friction tight. I hope this helps. I could be more specific with pictures. If you are confused about anything write again with pics of the inside of the bezel and the front of the clock.

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