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How are we doing Tom,  i installed a spring and rod and have trouble getting pendulum to move back and forth more than 10 times. It just stops. Not sure if rod has to be low or high? Does pendulum on this 1892. New haven corydon clock have to be heavy or light? I used weights totaling 3 ounces for pendulum is this too much? What is the perfect weight? And also does the rod have to fit snug against that holding rod with the eye

It looks like you correctly installed the spring and the rod. Next, check to see if the escape wheel at the top turns one tooth at a time as the pendulum swings. If it does not advance, try lifting one end of the clock, then the other end to see if you can get the escape wheel to advance as it should. I suspect either the verge rod or the pendulum rod has gotten bent causing the clock not to operate when it is level. You will have to bend one or the other, preferably the pendulumm rod, as required to get the verge pallet to center in the escape wheel.

The correct weight for this type of clock is  two to three ounces. If it only swings about 10 times every time you start it I doubt lessening the weight would help much. Also, the rod must not fit snugly into the verge rod eye. If it does it will generate excess friction. It also must hang freely fairly close to the center of the eye to prevent excess friction.

Sorry for the delay in replying but I have been on a cruise and did not have internet service for the past week.  

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