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Hi wayne  i installed a spring and rod and have trouble getting pendulum to move back and forth more than 10 times. It just stops. Not sure if rod has to be low or high? Does pendulum on this 1892. New haven corydon clock have to be heavy or light? I used weights totaling 3 ounces for pendulum is this too much? What is the perfect weight? And also does the rod have to fit snug against that holding rod with the eye

A three oz. pend. should be ok for this clock. The speed of the clock is governed by the length of the pend. rod and the weight of the pend.  The longer the rod the slower it will run and the heavier the pend. the slower it will run.  If the 3 oz. does not work try a heaver one.  From the looks of the movement the rod is fairly long and may use a heavier pend.  It depends on the gearing how fast the pend. swings.
The faster the pend. swings the lighter the pend. has to be.  As you can see there are a lot of variables.

The pend. rod should swing freely in the oblong shaped hole in down rod.  If it is too tight, the pend. will stop.  Also to adjust the pend. swing you should listen to the tick-tock.  It should be an equal tick-tock.  It should not be a longer gap on either side.  If these adjustments are made it should run.  

You have the correct suspension spring and rod and you have installed it correctly.  Have you cleaned and oiled every bushing?  Let me know how your project turns out.

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