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where do the blue wires go i got a clock that wasnt wired can you send a pictureof a 1950's revolving pocketwatchclock from Budweiser? a schematic justs confuses me so a picture would be best

There were a number of styles of Budweiser pocket watch clocks. I need some pictures of what you have, one of which should contain a tape or ruler for size comparison. Be sure to let me know if you are using metric or English dimensions. Also, be certain you have some pictures of the back, especially showing the wiring.

I suspect the blue wire goes to the light, however, some of these clocks rotated and the wire might possibly go to the motor that does the rotating. You might do well to trace the blue wire out to see where it actually goes. It would be a good idea to partially disassemble the clock anyway as most vintage clocks need to be lubricated before they are operated, as the lubricants dry up with time. Also, trace out any other wires that need to be connected.

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