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Hi, I have a 1940s Westminster clock. The minute handle falls a little on the left side of the clock (ie. when it's 10 mins to the hour, the minute handle drops to 13 minutes to). The clock still runs perfectly and the minute handle recovers on the right side of clock (ie past the hour). How do I fix the handle? Thank you for your time.

I do not know how the minute hand is held onto the hand shaft on your clock but I will either be by a nut or a tapered pin.  If it is by a nut you should be able to solve your problem either by tightening the nut or by adding a small washer under the nut.  

If you have a tapered pin that holds the hand in place you probably need to add a convex washer under the pin.  This will tighten the hand to the shaft.  You may have to go to a local clock shop to get what you need as convex washers have a lot of different hole sizes and configurations.  Some are round and some are square and all different sizes.  If there is a washer on the shaft sometimes you can get by with bending the washer more convex.  This will take up more space and tighten the hand.

If tightening the hand does not solve the problem, you may have an internal problem with warn gears but I do not think this is the case.

If you have further questions, please ask.  Thank you.

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