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QUESTION: Can u please tell me how much my 1980 pearl grandfather clock  is worth  today? It is moving  moon phase dial i believe. It is floor standing and the pendulum  dose not swing. Nothing  appear  to be broken and u can turn it mmanually.... thank you

ANSWER: I checked with google and found one Pearl of about the same vintage as yours for $4000, as a buy it now price. This clock was advertised a being in pristine condition. Also, it had the more ornate astronomical dial. It came with two extra suspension springs.

I have found clocks that are not working do not bring as high a price as those that do work. Since I repair my own, I usually purchase the non working models. Anyone purchasing a non working clock is taking somewhat of a chance as there may be damaged gears and missing parts. I always examine them as good as possible before purchasing.

You might want to see what is wrong with yours. It sounds like you might have a pendulum suspension spring problem. These springs are easily broken by moving the clock, even short distances, with the pendulum in position. That is a simple matter to repair and springs are available from Merritts ( and Timesavers ( It is also possible cleaning and oiling the clock may be necessary before the clock will run. To do this the movement will have to be removed. I have found carbeurator cleaner in a can will usually clean it sufficiently to prevent excessive wear, however, it removes all traces of all existing lubrication. Hence, the clock must be thoroughly re lubricated. There are special clock oils available from the two above mentioned clock companies, however, I have found that house oils such as sewing machine oil works quite well. Again, I emphasize to be certain to lubricate every point where something pivots in a bearing journal. Also, be extremely careful when using this cleaner as it is very volatile. I prefer to do this outside where fumes cannot concentrate.

I did not check the bidding price on the Pearl I saw advertised on eBay. However, the early bids are usually quite low and not necessarily a very good indicator of value.

An acquaintance of mine bought a Howard Miller full grandfather sized clock not working for $350. It has the moon phase dial. He called a clockmaker to repair it for him and the clockmaker took the movement and the pendulum and disappeared. As a favor I repaired four clocks for him and he gave me the case as it would cost about $1200. to replace the movement and pendulum.

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QUESTION: Also my clock  has the side door that opens. I heard  that this raise the value  of the clock. Is this true?
I'm thinking of repairing it also if I chose  to do this is there a video that I could watch that would like me to step by step or is there someone I could contact such as you that could walk me through the steps

Most features which increase the initial cost of the clock increase the resale value also. I am not certain why they use these doors, but they might function for relubrication and offer access to clear any hang ups of the movement.

I could not find any clock repair videos, however, Merritts and Timesavers both have a number of books. I do not know which would be the best book except what you probably want is one of them for beginners as yours probably only needs minor repairs and re-lubrication. They also have price guides but these are rather expensive costing $60. or so. The price of the repair guide for beginners runs between $15 and $30.

I can continue to help you and after you have the movement removed could probably look at close up pictures and help you identify the problem. Pictures are very handy ways of communication.  

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