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Seth Thomas A409-000
Seth Thomas A409-000  
I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to identify our clock.  I cannot find a single one that is like it.  The closest I can come to identifying it is that the box shape is the same as the Umbria and it may have been made in 1867 just after the name change to Thomason Conn.  I can find no other "open" pendulum models.  It is not currently hanging, but is clean and works great the last time we had it up.  

It doesn't appear to have ever had glass.  The back is open also.

It is a 2wt.  There are microscopic markings on the back of the pendulum stem that (I think) may be stamped 1911 twice one over the other.  No other markings on the pendulum.

The brass plate reads as follows:

Made in Germany
for Seth Thomas Clocks
Thomason Conn U.S.A.

I will truly appreciate any help.  Some people are impossible to please.  Anyone willing to give there time to answer these questions is surely worth a 10 in my book!

I hope you feel the same after you read my answer. This is a fairly modern clock. Real Seth Thomas clocks are stamped "Made in USA". Movements made in Germany were certainly well into the 20 century, somewhere between 1950 and 1990. If you were to see an Umbria up close you would see it is a fine piece of furniture. I'm afraid yours is not. Sorry to tell you these things but your clock is nothing like you were thinking.  

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