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Hi, I just purchased a mint condition 'fully working' warmink moon phase mantle clock. I think I am missing something simple. I opened the back and am unsure about the black lever near the face side. This issue is, when I set the hands at 12, it chimes continuously until I manually stop the paddle type wheel. This happens at any hour. How do I make it chime correctly for each hour?
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It sounds like you may have a pin missing from a strike wheel or the strike mechanism is sticky and will not release correctly.  Without seeing the clock it is almost impossible to determine exactly what is wrong with the movement.  You can try one thing.  Try to locate a jagged tooth
part on the front of the movement.  This should move freely.  It sounds like this part is the part that is not operating properly.  It should move only one notch for one strike etc.  Yours is dropping to the 12 every time.  

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