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Mr. Macomber, I'm making a reproduction Willard banjo clock, and I understand how the cable is ran from the drum onto the pulley and back up to the pillar opposite the drum. but i'm not sure how the cable is secure to the drum and the pillar? Is the cable wrapped around itself, tied off, or does it have a grommet attached to its end? Also when the clock has wound down completely should the weight be at rest on the bottom of the clock?
     Thanks Joe

I don't know the exact movement you are using but generally there would be a hole in the pillar. You would pull the cable up through the hole and tie a knot in it. Basically the same would be true of the drum. There are usually 2 holes in the drum. The cable goes in one hole and out the other. Tie a knot at the end so it will not pull through completely. Better to keep the weight just above the bottom on a wall clock.  

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