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I have been given a beautiful Waltham 31 day wall mounted chime clock, which I have set up and it is running very well.  One thing I cannot find information on anywhere is whether it is possible to turn the chime off over night?  It doesn't have the little slider that some of them do, which turns the chime off, so I am a little stuck.

Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated.

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I doubt your 31 day chime clock has a turn off for the chime. I have three of these movements in my collection and none of them have this feature. Mine do not bear the Waltham trademark but I believe they are either the same or very similar.

You might be able to rig something up to hold the hammer so it does not strike the chime coil when you want it silenced. Another thing you could do is glue a piece of pool table felt to the chime coil where it is struck by the hammer to lessen the sound. Also, check your hammer to be certain the non metallic tip is in tact as the chime would be louder if it is struck by the hammer itself. You can repair the hammer itself if these are missing by gluing a small piece of wood or plastic to replace what is missing.  

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