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movement pic
movement pic  
QUESTION: I have an old cuckoo clock movement I'm trying
to identify. Has "Made in Germany" stamped on it.
Also a large V on both plates. 3.5x3.5 inches.
Photo attatched.

ANSWER: I would guess the movement to be a Regula since it is perfectly square. Herbert Herr are 62mm x 68mm. I am assuming it is a rack and snail movement although you cannot tell from viewing only the rear of the movement. If it is rack and snail is was probably made since German reunification in 1989. Clocks built during the period of a divided Germany would have said made in West Germany. If it is a counting wheel type movement which does not automatically synchronize the chime with the hands it might be quite old and built before Germany got involved with WWII.

Clock movements are not generally marked with the maker as there are only a few builders of movements and many case builders. I do not know the reason for this but have found this to be the case of clocks built in the last 100 years or so. Previously, they were quite well identified.

If you send a picture of the front of the movement I could identify whether it is rack and snail or counting wheel strike control.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

movement 1
movement 1  

movement 2
movement 2  
QUESTION: Thanks for the info. I have enclosed a couple morephotos.

I would guess this to be a rack and snail movement because I do not see any counting wheel. It appears the rack and snail are both missing as is the drive gear for the center shaft which would normally carry a minute hand. Unfortunately, most of my cuckoo clocks are up North so I have no way to compare movements to identify it by brand.

I do not know if the missing parts are still available or not. Timesavers ( offers the high wear items for all kinds of clocks including cuckoo clocks. Sorry I can not help you more. Possibly a local jeweler or clock repair business could help.

I won't be back North until April and I can check my collection then if you have not resolved the problem.  

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