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I have an 1889 Seth Thomas mantle clock that is striking the hour chime on the half-hour and the half-hour on the hour.  While on vacation the clock had completing wound down and I moved the minute hand prior to winding and I think that created the problem. How do I resync the clock's chime?

What has happened is that the strike ran down before the time so the clock kept running but not striking. To correct this you must push the minute hand right past either the hour or half hour and on to the next point where it would strike. So start before the hour and go past the hour and down to the half hour. Don't let it strike at the hour. Or you can start before the half hour and push the hand directly up to the hour without letting it strike at the half hour. It should then be striking the half on the half and the hour at the XII. However, the strike will not agree with the position of the hour hand. It will probably be striking 1 or 2 hours behind the time shown by the hands. To fix this, you must move the hour hand to agree with the strike. The hour hand fits over a tapered tube friction tight. Hold it as close to the dial center as you can and move it to agree with the strike. If it should become loose, push it straight in toward the dial.

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