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I have a waterbury Louis clock in for repairs. It has a broken bevelled glass inserted in the bezel. Although broken, it is still in place. The bezel measure 51/2 inches in diameter. I do not know how to get the glass out to get a replacement in. Does the bezel unscrew or is there a retaining ring that comes off. Nothing seems to budge

If the glass is held in by a retaining ring, it will be fairly obvious when viewing the back side of the bezel. I had a bad experience with some of these in that the seal ring cracked my new glass.

I suspect it is glued in. Some bezels use an inner brass ring that was pressed in to the bezel itself and held the glass in place. These usually had a lip somewhat larger than the lip on the bezel itself so it cannot be seen with the bezel closed. Some clocks used a brass tab, but again obviously this one does not as you have not seen it. Look around the outside diameter of the glass and poke at it with a small screwdriver. If the glass is glued in there would probably be a small amount of clearance between the glass and the side of the bezel. This, of course, would be filled with a retaining glue.

The bevelled glass insert is probably stronger than the  bezel itself, hence any attempts to pry it out would probably damage the bezel. If you determine it is a glue, you could try solvents to see if you can loosen it. A few materials which may work are Goo Gone, brake cleaner, and finger nail polish remover. Be careful when using these materials as they are extremely flammable. Heat such as that supplied by an oven may soften the glue. Be careful to not get it too hot so as not to melt the solder which retains the hinge. I hesitate to recommend breaking the glass, as this could damage the brass of the bezel itself.

As a last resort, the bezel could be replaced. Merritts lists one in their 2011 catalog at $19.75 with installed glass. It is on page 52 of this catalog. You might also check Timesavers as they may also have something available.

It looks like a beautiful clock and rather nice antique. Hope this information helps, if you have any more questions feel free to contact me.  

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