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Hello Daniel
I have inherited my Dads dual chime clock, we removed it(carefully) from my mothers house and got it going from what I remembered from what Dad did, which was wait until the hour and wind up. I wound it up but not sure if I did it right and I don't want to break it.
My question is, my Dad always wound it up in a certain sequence, the clock has 3 holes on clock face to do this but I cannot remember how he did it.
Is it left to right, right to left or middle then left to right, right to left?
Also does the clock have to be on a very flat surface? As we put it in a 'modern' self and it stopped ticking after a day. I do hope you can help as  I can no longer ask my parents as they have passed away.
I hope you can help,Many thanks

Hope to hear from you soon

Kind regards


I am really an expert in pre C1810 antique clocks but with these three train later ones it is really the sale. I would make sure you wind the clock in any order but before you set the time basically. It will not matter which you wind first. When setting the clock up the only important thing is getting the tick and tock , I,e, the beat equal. Tick.  Tock , not tick tooock. The clock will need oiling every year and maintenance every 10 to 15 years which would include cleaning etc

I hope I have been of some help.



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