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when looking at clock the left weight will not move and the gear is stuck and the pendulum won't stay ticking.

It sounds like your clock needs to be oiled and possibly cleaned before oiling. If you see thickened oil in the pivots it will have to be cleaned. To clean the clock you must first remove the movement from the case. This would involve first removing the weights and pendulum and the rings which keep the chain or cable from going through the seat board. Remove the screws that hold the movement in place and take it to a well ventilated area. For the homeowner, the most practical means of cleaning is to spray it with carbeurator cleaner and possibly using a paintbrush to remove varnished oil. This must be done in a well ventilated area away from fire as the cleaner is highly flammable. I prefer to do this outside away from buildings. Allow the movement to dry for a half hour, then lubricate it with an oil such as used on sewing machines. Then reinstall the movement. Be certain all points where relative motion exists are oiled. Put a drop of oil on each gear or pinion.

If cleaning and oiling does not cure the problem, you probably have excessive wear at one or more pivots and some rebushing may be required. Please let me know how you make out after cleaning and lubricating.  

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