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I am going to sell my tall case grandfather clock (JJ Elliot circa 1900)and want to re-silver the clock face to get top dollar do you have a recommendation for someone who does this in the Chicago area and what would I be looking at for the cost?

A check of Google found Chicago Illinois Plating - Advanced Plating - 414-271-8138. They advertised for silver plating too.

I checked with a friend of mine in the antique car club in Peoria and he stated he has used Resolution Plating which is operated by Bill Barnett in Quincy, Illinois. Their phone is 217-223-6590. This fellow says he hs been extremely satisfied with their work and they also do silver.

Another possibility would be to purchase a paper or metal dial from Merritts ( They have an online catalog. I personally have one circa 1860 wall clock with a Merritts dial. I kept the old dial to preserve the value of the clock. If you went to the paper dial route you could tape it over the existing dial and let the buyer make a decision on what to do with the tarnished dial.

Silver plate like nickel plating oxidizes with time and must be polished periodically to maintain its appearance. This results in a necessity to replate the object and until it can no longer function, the Antique Automible Club of America (AACA) encourages the use of chromium plating technology as the life of the plating is much longer. They do not judge off for chrome plating instead of the original nickel or silver.

I have some experience with a solution that releases silver onto a polished surface chemically. I believe it is silver nitrate, but am not certain. This leaves a somewhat dull finish which possibly could be polished. Although for our uses in the electrical industry this was not necessary.  

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