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I have a 31 day calander wml gilbert clock.  the cabinet is in poor shape but is all there.  I put it into storage when my husband passed in 99 and just recently set it back up in my home.  When I put it in storage it did chime on the hour, VERY LOUDLY.  i would like some info as to the value.  and the age of it.  

         Thank you in advance for your help.

         mary Jo          

PS In 1999 I was told it was quite valuable.  But not ready to sell it at that time.

The name of the clock company was Wm. L. Gilbert from 1851 until 1869 (I believe). After that it was called the William L. Gilbert Company. The company ran into financial problems and was taken over by Spartus. Quite possibly it was made during that civil war period as brass clocks were made at that time.

Several of these clocks are listed on eBay. One has a starting bid of $150. and no one has bid yet. It is expected to bring $300 to $5oo. That remains to be seen.

A lot of the value in antiques is in their condition. It it was in poor shape it might not even be worth $150. The highest value goes to those with the original finish and which are in excellent condition.

I would strongly recommend your clock be serviced by cleaning and oiling. To do this the movement will have to be removed from the case.

If it is chiming very loudly, I would venture to say the leather pads which strike the chime coil have worn away and the steel hammer is hitting directly. This gives a somewhat tinny sound and produces a high volume.

I do not know that these clocks would run 31 days without being wound. They usually used 8 day movements. I have a couple of 31 day clocks in my collection. These were made in Korea about 40 years ago. If it was actually a 31 day movement there is a chance it could be a newer clock which was reproduced and the name Wm. L. Gilbert put on the dial. The William L. Gilbert name was probably copyrighted but Spartus may not have continued the copyright. Also, it might have been marketed by Spartus under the Gilbert name.

Getting back to the age question, I think we can assume it to be 100 to 150 years old. I really doubt it is a reproduction.  

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