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cast clock
cast clock  
Hac movement
Hac movement  
QUESTION: I actually have two questions. First I acquired a large cast iron clock and cannot find who made it Second I picked up a hack movement that was a basket case. I put it together it works with one exception I am missing a small part that lifts the strike set arm. I could attach something to lift the arm, but would like to make a part that is close to original. I have attached picture of both of them. I can send more pictures if needed.


ANSWER: probably an American Clock Co creation from the 1850's

the American Clock Company was a sales agency for Connecticut clocks. Spittlers' and Bailey's American Clockmakers and Watchmakers has them at 3 Cortland Street from 1851-1855. Identifying your movement will be the only way to know which Connecticut manufacturer made your clock.

attached photo shows where you need two lift arms on the minute hand shaft one longer than the other to lift more on the hour--cannnot tell from the photo of yours what you have now there?

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hac movement 1
hac movement 1  

hac movement 2
hac movement 2  
QUESTION: Hi Ken, first Thank You very much for you time. I have sent a few more pictures of the hac movement. I red circled the area that my question is about. The two pictures show the cam lobes, which I put a red dot on one. Neither lobe touches the strike set arm. There is a spring attached to the strike set arm, but it does not touch anything.  I am guessing that there was a small part that set over the tab on the strike set arm and the spring held it in place. What I am trying to find out is what is missing on the strike set arm that when the cam comes around it would lift it?  

The cast Iron clock did not have a face or movement. The small holes below the dial hole line up with one SETH THOMAS KITCHEN CLOCK MOVEMENT 5 7/8 1/2 but that maybe coincidence.

Again Thank You


HAC rack
HAC rack  
on your iron front clock --if the winders line up and the hand shaft locates in the center of the dial hole, then Seth Thomas may well have been the maker.

let me get back to you on the HAC............

OK on the HAC==from a Clocksmith in Wales: you have what you need already - just out of position!

the steel spring finger needs to rest under the little right angle bend in the end of the brass arm nearest the hand shaft (not above in mid-air)  see photo

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