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I acquired a Revere Mantle Clock with Westminster Chime, Model R-913, from my grandparents.  It chimes every quarter hour, and as far as I can tell, it has all original parts.  There are 2 things I have questions about:

Periodically, between quarter hour chimes, I hear a soft, even chime from one of the hammers.  When opening the back, I can see that the one arm closest to the front of the clock is going up & down slightly and causing the muted rhythmic chime between quarter hours.  Can this be remedied?

Secondly, the Westminster Chime is not perfectly even anymore.  It is a bit jerky.  Not a big deal.  But I am wondering if there is a fix to return the chime to be more rhythmically even between each chime.

It keeps time perfectly!  Thanks for your time & your expertise.

I think if you bend the chime rod that is causing the problem up just a little bit it will solve the first problem.

The jerky chiming is not as easy.  You will probably have to lubricate all of the contact points on the chime mechanism.  The cam or gear that activates the chime rods is getting warn and lubrication may not solve it completely.  There are gears on the chime mechanism that activate the rods.  If you place a little lubricant on each tip of each gear it may help.  You may have to live with the jerky chime.

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