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I have one the has been rebuilt and it runs fast. I have adjusted the pendulum as low as it will go and it still runs fast, about five minutes in around four hours.
Anything I can do?
Thank you

We did reply to your question but the website had a problem and it did not go through.

Here we are again.  

There is a possibility you have the wrong pendulum on that clock. The weight of the pendulum has very little to do with the beat rate but the diameter and length of the hanging loop obviously has a big affect. The original pendulum probably had an S on it and reproduction replacements available from Merrits ( and Timesavers ( have an S  cast into them.

Be certain the distance between the lowest suspension spring fork and the pendulum is changing as the beat rate adjustment is turned. I am assuming your beat rate adjustment is made through a small hole in the clock face with the small end of the winding key.

As a last resort, I have made links to lower the pendulum slightly. I try to make this link solid to the pendulum to get around the double jointed mounting which can affect the accuracy of the clock. Paper clips make a good source of link wire.  

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