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QUESTION: I have longcase clock, signed by Henry thornton. I would know,if I send you the fotos, can you help me to answer: is this clock origin? it has 12- clasical music tonnes. I know the history about Henry thornton, but noone can't tell me the price. can you help me?

ANSWER: We checked prices on various older longcase clocks and found they sell for as much as $10,000. Clocks, like other antiques, vary greatly in price depending on their condition. The highest price is assigned to those in excellent condition with the original finish. These are quite rate because of alternating summertime humidity and coal fired heating systems in the winter. Remember, they did not have air conditioning when they were built. The next category is refinished clocks which can command a fairly good price is not as much as those previously mentioned. I recently saw an nineteenth century floor clock that was marked at $450. at an estate sale. It was not running that I could see, and the finish was quite badly mottled. It was refinishable. I do not know if it sold or not.

There always have been and still are a limited number of movement manufacturers, but many manufacturers of cases. I would look on the movement for any identifying marks. By classical music tones, I assume you mean melodies it can play. You did not specify if these were selectible or it switches melodies depending on the hour. At any rate, I think you have a very nice piece here especially being as old as sit is.

I attend auctions frequently and have seen clocks go for all kinds of prices. At an auction it requires two people wanting the same item to get a good price. In many cases, people such as myself have picked up some sleepers that no one else wanted. I picked up a grandmother clock about 40 years old this week for $100. at an estate sale. I waited to the very last to make an offer and they let me have it. I would rate the case in excellent condition. The clock would not run because it was extremely dry. I oiled it and it runs fine.

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longcase clock
longcase clock  

longcase clock
longcase clock  
QUESTION: thank you very much.
I can tell you more. the clock is working condition.the face is silvered and gold,all the pieces are the same, Lost only silver two-headed eagle which was in the top.
my grandfather bought it in st.petersburg in 1952-55 yy. from an elderly woman, according to the general's widow. it is not in doubt, that it's an original, but I want to know: it may be from collection of czars or not? in my country is no experts. there are many who wants to buy, but need the Expert's report.I saw the clocks by Henry Thornton 50000 pound sterling and 100000 USD. and 5000 USD too. only the clock for ,, Queen Anna"- 100 000 USD is playing 12 classical music.
plese, can you help me?
thanks a lot

We would like for you to send us a bit more information on your clock. First, will you send pictures of the clock. Especially the music box and its movement. Does the clock itself sit on top of the music box?

We have talked to another clock maker and he might be able to help us more when we receive your information.

It may be difficult to trace who has owned this clock as Russia has been through a great deal of turmoil in the hundreds of years since this clock was built. When the communists took over the country they tried to do away with all references to the Czars.  

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