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An elderly friend has a Kininger RSW movemnt and was winding it up today, when something happended - he could not say what, only that he was winding the right hand arbour and then the key was just turning with no resistance.

His clock is still running but he has no chimes now
Can you advice / suggest a source of this probleam and a course of action?

I think the main spring broke that controls the chime side of the movement. I am not sure he was correct on which side he was winding.  Most clocks have the chime spring on the left side of the face.  This is not always true but about 90% of the time.  At any rate, the spring has to be replaced by a professional as main springs are very difficult to replace and sometime dangerous.
Most of the time the whole movement has to be disassembled.  If you do not have a clock shop in your area we would be glad to do the work.  All I would need would be the movement out of the clock case and disconnected pendulum.  If you do not feel that you can remove the movement, you can send the whole clock but the shipping is a lot more.  Let me know if you would like to send it to us.  THank you.

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