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Is there any way to lower the tone of the chime? Also, the hour seems to be off. For example it chimes 2 times at 1p, etc.

When chime hammers are new, there is a leather or plastic tip that makes contact with the chime bars or tubes. Sometimes these wear out and the metal part of the hammer hits the chime. What you must do is cut a piece of leather or plastic and insert it into the hole drilled in the hammer. You probably will need some glue such as E-6000 to hold it in. Another means of reducing the volume level of a chime is to glue felt to the hammer.

Assuming you have a rack and snail movement, which is supposed to automatically synchronize the chime with the hands, the problem is not with the chime. The chime snail cam is turned by the hour hand gear by a fixed relationship. What you must do is gently pull on the hour hand and turn it to agree with the chime and then set the clock to the correct time. If you have a clock older than a hundred years using a counting wheel you will have to trip the chime until it chimes in agreement with the hour hand.

I hope this helps you get your clock working correctly.  

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