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QUESTION: My Sister in law inherited a clock in Germany. This was owned by a Bishop in Koln Dom. We don't know anything more about it's history than this.

The top of the face is inscribed with:

Charles Packer

The only marking I have seen is a 12 on the winding crank, though I haven't looked that close at the movement. I would have to remove the movement to see anything more and I don't have the time.

Attached are some photos.


ANSWER: The case is a London mahogany from C1770. Its second plinth is missing to the base but it looks a nice cabinet. The movement may not be original to case but I could not tell without seeing in the flesh and without hood off. The dial does not seem to fit perfectly in the mask and I would expect a London name to the dial. The clockmaker could possibly have bought in a London case though so it may be Ok. Again I would need detailed pictures to decide for sure, without hood etc. I will look the maker up for you when I am in the office tomorrow



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Daniel, I am no longer in Germany, but asked my sister to take some internal pictures. Hopefully over the weekend.

The dial fit to the mask may have been from the camera angle trying to reduce reflection, or the fact that the wood clock base was not attached to anything. I put two screws in the existing holes in order to stabilize it. I didn't notice an alignment problem while I was adjusting it, but then I'm probably not someone who would notice.

Any luck looking up the maker?


The maker is working around C1795-1803. that is all that is listed about him. Slightly later than I would expect for this case, which would be C1770. It could be correct or it may have been changed when fashions changed for flat silvered dial or sometime over the years.I could not say for certain without seeing the clock in the flesh sorry. Clearly both fit in to C1790 but I would normally expect a London maker in a case like that, but there are always a few exceptions, so one can never confirm without seeing in flesh. Even then if it fits perfectly it may be hard to tell in this case. A nice clock though and one that could do with movement professionally restoring. if you ever bring to London we could do this for you. Cost would be around 700


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