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I have a clock that was given to me. It's a waltham 31 day chime clock. It chimes at 7 minutes after the hour and 7 minutes after the 30 you know how I can fix this so it chimes on the hour and exactly on the 30 minutes??

You have a movement that was made in either China or Japan.  Sometimes the minute hand can slip on the bushing.  Take the hand off of the clock.  Using a pliers, grip the center bushing of the hand assembly and and turn it holding on to the hand so it can not move. Rotate it about 15 degrees.  Place it back on the movement and see where it is.  If it is further off than it was rotate it the other direction until it lines up with the 6 or 12.  Replace it and place the screw back on the hand shaft.  This should be all that is necessary unless it is loose and slips again when you try to set the clock.  If it does this, adjust the hand again and place a drop of super glue where the hand meats the bushing and it should hold it in place.  If you have more problems, let me know.

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