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Could you please tell me how old this clock is and what it may be worth? Or any other info you may be able to tell me about this clock.

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What you have there is called a Tambow clock. It is sometimes called a hat clock because of its resemblance to the cross section of a cowboy hat.

The movement looks like it is a rack and snail design which automatically synchronizes the chime with the hands. This would indicate it is not more than 100 years old. If it uses the counting wheel technology, where you have to synchronize the chime manually, it would be a little older than this.

I would estimate the value at between 80 and 150 dollars assuming it is fully operational and in good condition. Thirty years ago it would have gone at $200. but with so many reproductions being available the older clocks have taken somewhat of a beating price wise. I see a lot of clocks at estate sales and auctions and they sell much cheaper as most of these would have to be serviced before they can become operational. They also are missing parts such as pendulum and winding key. If you are missing any of these items they are readily available at Timesavers ( and Merritts (

Here is a brief history of Seth Thomas and his clock company.
Seth Thomas was born in Wolcott, CT on August 19, 1785 just 9 years after the US won its independence. Seth Thomas was a hard worker and that was a way of life for the farmer and small business. After completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter, he went to work for a clock maker (Eli Terry) in 1807. In 1810 he and Silas Hoadley purchased Eli Terry's clock factory. In 1813 he sold his interest in the clock factory. Always wanting to own his own clock factory and after selling his interest in the old Terry factory, Seth Thomas purchased another clock factory in Plymouth Hollow, CT. His business prospered and produced fine clocks and made Seth Thomas clocks one of the most well known clock companies in the world. On May 5, 1853, nearing his retirement age, Seth Thomas organized his business into the (Seth Thomas Clock Company) a joint stock corporation. In order to assure continuity of operation after his heath on January 28, 1859. He died at the age of 73 and in 1895, six years after his death, the name of the town he had distinguished himself as a leader changed its name from Plymouth Hollow to Thomaston in honor of his memory. After his death, the sons of Seth ran the business and expanded. They introduced many new models of clocks and in 1931 the Seth Thomas Clock Company became a division of General Time Instrument Corporation and in 1970 was renamed General Time Corporation.  

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