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Antique Clocks/abel cottey grandfather clock time and chime not synced


My clock time and chime are not synced.  Please help.  On the hour my clock chimes the 45 min chime and the hour is chimed at 15 minutes after the hour.  Please help.

It sounds like the minute hand is not synchronized to the chime cam. Your clock probably has a square drive for the minute hand. This means there are four different directions the minute hand could point for a given position for the minute hand shaft. What you must do is remove the nut or pin which secures the minute hand and remove it, being careful not to lose any washers. Then reinstall the minute hand after rotating it counter clockwise 90 degrees.  Then reinstall the washers and pin or nut. you may have to reposition the hour hand also. You can do this with the minute hand in place as it simply presses on to a locking taper. Be very careful and gentle when you do this. If necessary, you may need to pull the hour hand toward the minute hand with your finger nails. Then turn it so it agrees with the hour being chimed.

If this does not work out for you for some reason please feel free to get back to me. A close up picture of the hands showing where they attach to the center shaft would be helpful.  

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