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Inside of clock
Inside of clock  
I have  the Bulova 340-020 mantle clock.  The quarter-hour and half-hour chimes are working but the hour doesn't chime.  I can see a wheel turning behind the brass plate but it isn't catching with the bar with the three hammers. We thought we might be able to move the 1 inch vertical bar to reduce the distance but it looks like we'd have to bend it out of shape to remove it and re-attach.

The part number indicates this is probably a Hermle movement with a hair spring and balance wheel (no pendulum). There should be a cam which lifts the chime rod to make it strike the hour. Sometimes these will come loose and not be able to lift the bar. Some movements use a series of pins sticking out of a gear. I am, of course, assuming it is the strike function that is not working and the clock chimes at each of the four quarter intervals. Also, check and be certain there is not a pin missing in the bar which actuates the chime hammers. Since I do not have this particular movement at my disposal here in Florida, I may need you to send a picture of the wheel which you described. I doubt it should be necessary to bend the vertical bar to make it work unless the movement has been dropped after removal from the case. Please feel free to get back to me with any additional information you might have.  

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