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Hi Wayne-
We just bought a Hamilton " Greenfield Manor" pendulum wall clock. It has two winding points. We wound the left one clockwise and the right one counterclockwise. We've raised the pendulum quite high but the clock stops after just a couple of minutes.
Any suggestions?

Usually, the right side winds the time and the left side winds the strike.  The first thing to look for is if you have the pendulum and the pendulum rod connected properly.  There should be a very small spring that the pendulum connecting assembly hooks to at the top of the movement.  The pendulum hooks on to the bottom of this assembly rod.  The assembly rod must also go through the lever that comes through the back of the movement. There should be a slot in this rod. This is what drives the clock.  

If this is all in order and connected, the next thing is to check the adjustment of the tick-tock beat.  Listen and see if you can hear the tick-tock.  If not there is a problem with the adjustment and I will have to explain further about how to adjust the beat of the clock.  If you do hear a tick-tock beat, see if it is an equal beat.  If it is not, you may have to move the bottom of the clock in one direction or the other to make it equal.

This is not an easy procedure and you may require a clock repairperson to do this.

Let me know what you find.

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