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My grandfather clock wont stay running more than half hour ,tried winding  hole on the left seems to wind clock fine but     hole on right seems tight .what is right side hole get a little motion of min hand  when wiggling

If you have not already done this, I would oil the clock first before I do anything else to it. The manual for my Howard Miller Grandfather clock says it should be oiled every three to four years. There is a lot of difference of opinion about how often this should be done. Access to lubricate shafts sticking through the front plate are best gained best by removing the hands and dial. On some clocks this involves removing screws which hold the dial in place. On some there are locks which swing to allow the posts supporting the dial to come clear of the front plate of the movement. The hour hand on most clocks is held in place with a knurled nut which sometimes requires careful use of pliers to remove it. The hour hand and, if used, the second hand simply pull off as they are on a taper. Sometimes you have to turn the hour hand to free it.

Access to the rear, in some cases, involves removing the top of the case, other times there is access to windows in the side of the case. Be certain to get every place where the shaft sticks through the front and rear plate with a little bit of oil. I have found household oils work quite well for this but I do prefer those with a hypodermic type syringe on it so you don't over lubricate it and have oil dripping into the bottom of the case. Reach through the front plate from the side and get gears which are in the center as these need lubrication also.

If lubrication is not the problem, listen as your clock ticks to determine if the right and left beat are equal. If they are not this means the clock is not level or that the pendulum needs to be centered. The newer clocks are centered by swinging the pendulum from one side of the case to the other, then releasing it. Older ones required bending of the verge rod that goes to the pendulum to the pallet located at the top center of the movement.

If this does not work, please feel free to get back to me.  

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