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My Kienzle wall clock only chimes once every hour after I had to re-start it coming back from my holidays.
I have had this problem before and it seems, there is a formula to turning the minute or hour hand forward or back through a number of hours to get it to resume the normal chime. Learnt it from my old clock repairer but however he's no longer with us so...
I believe it sets the hourly bell to one ring instead of the ringing the hourly time and the opposite disengages it.
Hope you can help.
BTW it's a pre WW2 Kienzle Westminister wall Chime clock that chimes every 15mins getting progressively more as the hour progresses and hour will ring after the chime on the hour.

That is a kind of strange symptom for a Westminster clock to have a one as you described. Normally, the counting wheel type movements will chime every 15 minutes even if it is the wrong chime. They can also strike the wrong time at any of these 15 minute intervals. It sounds like something may be wrong with the star trip cam. Most Westminster chime clocks have automatic chime and strike synchronization. All you have to do is wait an hour and it will be corrected. These movements are generally called rack and snail as components like this are mounted between the face of the clock and the front plate.

When it chimes only once per hour, does it chime one measure, then two measures, then three measures, then four measures of music?  Also, does the strike ever work? Please respond to me on my regular email which is: Also, some pictures of the movement would be helpful.

Normally, counting wheel type movements are synchronized by turning the hands forward to 10 minutes before the hour and waiting for chiming to stop. The hand is then advanced toward the 12:00 position until the movement is cocks as evidenced by a rushing noise. This hand is then turned backwards until the clock chimes. This operation is repeated until the chime, strike and hands are synchronized.

I have in my collection, a few of this type clock with time and strike only. I find it best to stop the clock when going on holidays and turning the hands forward only until I set it to the correct time. I also wait before starting it so I do not have to turn it ahead any more revolutions than necessary. Also, when going from summer time to winter time I stop the clock for one hour rather than turning it ahead 11 hours.  

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