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My Kienzle wall clock only chimes once every hour after I had to re-start it coming back from my holidays.
I have had this problem before and it seems, there is a formula to turning the minute or hour hand forward or back through a number of hours to get it to resume the normal chime. Learnt it from my old clock repairer but however he's no longer with us so...
Hope you can help.
BTW it's a pre WW2 Kienzle Westminister wall Chime clock that chimes every 15mins getting progressively more as the hour progresses and hour will ring after the chime on the hour.

It sounds like it needs a good cleaning.  You can try to move the minute hand forward and see if it will chime stopping at the 3,6,9,12.  You should hear a click at each number but if it is not chiming it probably is sticky.  The governor has to release each time or it will not chime.  If it is going to chime at all it should do it on the 12.  I think it is dirty and the lever that controls the # of chimes is not dropping down like it should.  I really can not tell what the problem is without seeing the movement operate.  I think if you can find a good clock man in your area it would be worth a good cleaning.  If you can not find one in the area, you can ship the movement to us and we will be glad to service it.  You will have to remove the movement and box it for shipping.  If you decide to do this, please email me and I will walk you through removal of the movement.

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