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Hello Tom.       I have a Japy Frere eight day mantle clock which should chime on the hour and the half hour. I had it comprehensively overhauled by a local high street repair shop about two years ago. About one week ago after I had to restart it because I missed winding up, it stopped chiming and I noticed that when I turn the minute hand it does not set itself just before the hour and half hour. To restart it I lift one side of the clock to get the pendulum swinging, wether that might have affected the chiming mechanism I do not know. When I move the minute hand it feels as if there is no resistance. I hope you can help because we miss hearing the chiming.     Many thanks  Rob.

There could be a number of things causing the clock not to chime. Most likely is the chime movement is in cycle and has stalled. A gentle push on either the gears of the chime train or the winding key may get it going. Another possibility is the follower for the snail which determines how many strikes the chime will make has gone behind the snail itself because the clock was running after the chime spring was exhausted. I think we can rule out lack of lubrication if the clock was serviced within the last couple years. Another possibility is the trip lever for the chime is hung in the up position and is not dropping clear of the stop pin. I would move that lever a couple of times and see if that will restore operation. When making this test make sure the minute hand is somewhere after the hour and before the quarter hour or slightly past the half and before the three quarter hour.

I doubt starting the clock by tilting it had any negative affects on the chime.

If the above does not provide a solution you will probably have to remove the movement to check it out. At that time you might take a few pictures of the movement and send them to me so I can give you some more suggestions once I learn exactly what you have.  

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