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I have recently purchased what is likely a New Haven Banjo Clock Willard Model 1920s Westminster Chimes Barrel Pendulum. My repair chap has serviced the clock and got it working. However, there is a problem with the strike and chime. It keeps on striking and chiming until the spring becomes unwound. Please advise what adjust needs to be made.



This is generally caused by oxidized oil which has become gummy. This prevents the shut off lever from dropping when it is supposed to. You will have to do is remove the face from the clock and observe it as it strikes. You will see the lever attempt to descend and not make it all the way to the shut off position. You will probably have to remove the lever which is held on by either a C clip or E clip being careful to not let it fly through the air as you pry it off. Get some carburetor cleaner on a piece of paper towel and rub the staff that supports it. Squirt the carb cleaner through the pivot hole and work it back and forth on the mounting staff until it drops freely. Let it dry thoroughly and re-lubricate it. Sometimes it is possible to clean the pivot without dis-assembly but I have not had very good luck with this method. Be VERY careful with carburetor cleaner as some of it is extremely flammable.

Some clocks use a spring to assist the shut off levers in descending. Sometime this spring will either break or slip off the lever, so be sure to check for this.  

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