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Antique Clocks/My Godfather RIP (& life neighbors) Korean clock had bought his wife stopped working


I really can't explain the person my Godfather & neighbor was & IS TO ME!! To try & explain who he was to his wife (still my neighbor) & his 2 sons& 6 grandsons ..... I still live next door to his wife who beyond loves my husband he makes it so she never has to say goodbye to anything of his & that he has given jrr!! But this wall clock.... she's called all around Ohio won't touch it because it's korean! Is there a way that you would be willing to help my husband to fix it! He tried some things & was thinking if anything maybe just replace the entire piece inside ? The condition of it is amazing! But me Googling korean wall clocks repair & such & etc just to help him I came across this website  (informed me some on the qualities I guess of Asian over idk German I believe) & the website emphasis on USA!! (He got her this while over seas! Not only was he a PROUD VETERAN- Patriotism was & still is THEIR THING!!) I don't even know if you'll get this or think anything of it!! If I get a response AMAZING!! I'll probably cry!! Thanks!

I would try oiling the pivot points where the staffs come through the movement side plates. This will require removing the movement. Use a house type (sewing machine) type oil, being certain to get all of the pivot points. Also put a small drop on all gear meshes.  

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