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Barometer & Clock
Barometer & Clock  
Hi Wayne,

I have a couple of Seth Thomas items.

Clock:  Seth Thomas Corsair E537-000
Barometer:  Seth Thomas - Corsair-B E537-008

I am trying to figure out if it is worth fixing, and possible cost, or if I should just sell them online, and let someone buy them for parts, to potentially fix other people's Seth Thomas clocks.  

The barometer was dropped a slight didstance, and a fine filament, like a light bulb filament, that connects the coiled brass (like in an old AC temp regulator) to a lever broke.  No clue who to go to to fix this.

The clock winds, ticks for a minute or so, and then locks up.  That is with about 6 1/2 turns.  

Finally, are you able to help date these pieces, or provide a date range?  WOuld love to know more about these beauties.  Even what they originally sold for.  I got from my grandparents, so no clue how old they are, or if they are anything special.

Thanks a ton for any wisdom you can share,


Jay Jenckes

322 Park Laureate Dr
Houston, TX 77024

The barometer filament expands and contracts with the pressure and humidity but I would not have any idea where to get a new one.  I do not think that it would be worth much as an antique as the bottom has dropped out of antiques lately.  
The clock as well if it is not running would not be worth much.
If you do a search on Ebay for these items there may be similar ones to compare for prices.
The clock movement is not an expensive movement and would not be worth repairing.  
Sorry to give you the bad news.

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