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Barometer & Clock
Barometer & Clock  
Hi Tom, I asked Barry & Wayne the same question,

I have a couple of Seth Thomas items.  I really want to know more about them, and possibly look into repairing them, if it isn't outrageous.  

Clock:  Seth Thomas Corsair E537-000
Barometer:  Seth Thomas - Corsair-B E537-008

I am trying to figure out if it is worth fixing, and possible cost, or if I should just sell them online, and let someone buy them for parts, to potentially fix other people's Seth Thomas clocks.  

The barometer was dropped a slight didstance, and a fine filament, like a light bulb filament, that connects the coiled brass (like in an old AC temp regulator) to a lever broke.  No clue who to go to to fix this.

The clock winds, ticks for a minute or so, and then locks up.  That is with about 6 1/2 turns.  

Finally, are you able to help date these pieces, or provide a date range?  WOuld love to know more about these beauties.  Even what they originally sold for.  I got from my grandparents, so no clue how old they are, or if they are anything special.

Thanks a ton for any wisdom you can share,


Jay Jenckes

322 Park Laureate Dr
Houston, TX 77024

The pictures indicate these are Hermle Royal Mariner items. They are still available new. I believe the clocks sells in the $250-300 range. I happen to have this pair myself sold still under another name. I picked them up at an estate sale. I think I paid $15 each with the clock not working.

Fortunately I was able to oil the clock and it is now running fine. You certainly should try this as most clocks over 5 or 10 years old that do not run simply need to be lubricated. I used sewing machine oil.

I do not know how long the Royal Mariner series was made but would estimate mine to be about 35 to 40 years old. Parts are still available. The most delicate part of the clock is the escapement which is priced at about $150.from, I believe, Timesavers (

The little filament could be replaced by a suspension spring from a 400 day clock. these are also available from Timesavers. This would have to be soldered into place and should not be too difficult. You could possibly use a strand of a small wire although copper might prove to be too soft. Do not use stainless wire as it cannot be soldered using ordinary techniques.

Another possible vendor for these pieces and parts is Merritts ( I am not home at this time so I am not able to consult my catalogs.  

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