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I have a Howard Miller grandmother clock with a Urgos movement.  Model# uw32/1a.  It had  not been in use for 20 years.  I have manage to clean and get the movement working ok, but the chimes do not work.  They seem to be free and not stuck.  Obviously I'm a  Novice,
.  Any direction will be appreciated.

The first thing to check is the chain where it goes over the drive sprockets. If it will not chime or strike the problem is with the chime movement as the strike function will not work unless the chime function trips it. If this seems to be in order, remove the hands and face and reinstall the hands in the same position they were when you removed them. Turn the hour hand and see if the trip lever is moving. Give the chime train a little boost with your finger If the levers are functioning. At about two to five minutes before each 15 minute interval the chime should cock (move a small amount), then at the quarter hour intervals its chime cycle should begin. Be certain all the pivots are lubricated on both the front and back plate if boosting is required.

I recently repaired a grandfather clock which exhibited the same problem. I had to re-bush one pivot as the clock had been neglected and excessive wear was apparent. You can determine the condition of the pivots by gently moving the gears back and forth and looking for excess movement of the staffs. If there is excessive wear, the only solution is to re-bush it. This will require at least partial dis-assembly of the clock to access the pivot hole. The best way to re-bush is to very carefully drill it out and install a bushing with the correct size hole in it. However, this requires professional equipment and, as a clock owner, it would probably be best to close the hole somewhat with a center punch, punching toward the worn side of the hole. mic the diameter of the staff pivot and use a number drill about .002 inches larger than the end of the staff and very carefully drill it out. Be careful to get the hole straight, if possible the center punching should be done from both sides of the plate.

There are many things that can cause a clock not to chime, usually it is something that prevents the lever from dropping into place pushing the levers a bit sometimes will give you a clue as to where the problem is. oxidized oil which becomes very gummy will keep these levers from dropping and releasing the chime mechanism.  

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