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Blue Upholstered Rocking Chair
Blue Upholstered Rocki  

Carving onBack
Carving onBack  
I recently acquired this rocking chair, and don't have any of the
backstory on it. Other than the fact that the upholstery on the front of the chair is filthy and needs to be cleaned and/or replaced, I don't know anything else. The wood frame is solid. It
seems like it would be a great chair once it's cleaned up. Is it worth it to clean the upholstery?

Can you tell what kind of wood it is? I presume the upholstery is not original. If this is true, what kind of fabric would be best to restore it back to period? What  period is it from, approximately how old do you think it is?
I love the carving on the top of the back of the chair. Do you think it's handcarved?

What do you think is current market value in as-is co dition? What about if it were re-upholstered? or just cleaning the upholstery?

Thanks so much!  

please explain how i was not clear so i may better help.
thank you

i would re do the chair.

it is from 1890, wood looks to be mahogany that has been bleached.  the fabric is not good.

google lincoln victorian rockers to get an idea of the fabric to use.

value is not high as shown but once redone could be around 650.  darker wood looks better on mahogany, richer, but light works well also.

as is in a shop retail about 200 tops.

restored correctly wood and fabric will have the cost higher that a selling price at that point but that really doesnt matter.  look at it like this.  someone buys a new piece of furniture, they dont consider the resale cost do they?  So if you like it do it and be happy.

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