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Antique Furniture/Vintage Reproduction "Candlestand"?


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Good afternoon, Mr. Klein.  I am hoping this 'candlestand' falls into your purview, as I'm struggling to find much information on it.  Here are some details:  It stands roughly 4 feet tall, the hollow column is made up of detachable wood sections that are fitted together around some kind of threaded bolt running the length of the piece.  On the crossbar there are 2 copper candle holders.  Its table top is octagonal and is roughly 14"x14" it appears that the 'table' is made up of 2 pieces of wood.  The three feet are carved into the shape of a paw and 2 are covered with brass feet.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any marks on the piece, so I realize you cannot help me with the maker.  My questions are:  Is this piece considered a candlestand?  Is there a way to date the piece? (I'm thinking maybe its a reproduction from the mid 20th century, given the evenness of the cylinder candle holder, but it could have been made yesterday in shop class for all I know!), can you tell from the pictures what type of wood was used? and, lastly, its worth, so I can decide if it's logical to try and replace the lost brass foot. Thank you for your time in advance, as all of my Internet research has yielded little information, and has left me very curious.
Thanks again, Kate

The wood is maple.  It is what you think, a reproduction of a shaker candlestand.  You can find pictures of this basic item in books showing early homes of the shaker community and elsewhere.

this is most likely 1960s vintage judging from the way the legs are attached.

The feet can be ordered from Whitechapel.

I see similar items in antiques malls for 65$-110$.

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