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Could you help me identify the time period and possible manufacturer of this secretary?  This piece has been in the family and due to lack of space I'm not able to keep it.  It has a fold down desk front, measures 36" across and 72" high.  The glass is "wavy" and it has the original door key.  I'm attaching a side view to help identify the wood. I'm interested in a "ballpark value" since I need to sell it and don't have a clue what to ask.  Overall, it seems to be in very good condition. I can send more pictures if needed.  Any info is appreciated.  Thanks!

There is no way to determine the manufacturer or maker without a label.  just too many prople and companies doing things.  Some experts say you can determine regional origina by the wood species but they forget that even in the late 1600s and in the 1700s, there was importing and exporting going on.  I actually read a bill of lading where 80 tons of American walnut was being shipped to England in the early 1800s!!

Back to your plantation desk with the bookcase.

I will need more pictures of places not seen in the views shown.

outside of the back-top and bottom
under the table part
inside of the sides of the table part
inside of teh underneath corner where a leg joins the two aprons
the glazing that holds the glass panes in.
closer of the woods.

make them clear and in focus, i need detail.  send them as attachments to ONE email.  cell phone pics wont do.  include the original question too.

probably multiple woods but for now I can be sure of the tulip poplar.  likely to have cherry and maybe sweet gum and/or birch.  pics will tell.

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