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Is this considered a table or a desk?  I know that the legs, drawer, and bottom shelf are oak; is the top oak as well?  It originally had felt on the top.  When I received it, the felt was in such bad shape that I removed it.  I gently scraped off the residue, smoothed it out, and added a light coat of oak stain to the top.  If possible, can you tell me the aproximate age and value of the piece?  I want to sell it, but I want to know what to expect before I place it on the market.  Also, would I be better off refelting the top or adding a piece of glass to the top to make it a usable piece before I try to sell it?  Thanks for your help.

this is a library table or desk, either/or.  they were sold both ways originally in teh 1890-1900 era.

the top would have had oak veneer on it just as the apron and drawer which are quarter sawn oak.  i suspect teh veneer was damaged and someone removed it and put the felt on top.

to make it usable let the buyer do what they want, felt, leather, wood.++the two long boards are oak on the top, the reast are not.  had there been felt  originally then the top would have had an oak border on all four sides not just two. also, the surface would have been smooth so if there were quartersawn oak veneer on top, which i am sure there was in the center, then there would have been two layers, the first being crossbanded.

ask 250-300.

if it were intact it would retail at 550-650.  the top would have to be put right to get more.

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