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Antique Victorian Cabinet
Antique Victorian Cabi  
QUESTION: Dear Robert, I have purchase this antique cabinet which has carved lion's head on the center and claw feet and curved drawers and carved handles. I assume this was used as a sideboard. Could you please tell me approximately what year this was made in? I'm guessing it is late 1800's. Also is it American or English made? If you could please let me know anything you know about this piece, it would be highly appreciate it! Also how much its worth. Thank you very much for your help and time!

ANSWER: 1890-1900 oak sideboard base.  It is a quality made item judging by the nature of the work.

It is American made and originally had an upper section.

what did you pay?

please post a picture of the joints where the side of the drawer meets the front.

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Antique sideboard
Antique sideboard  
QUESTION: Hi Robert,  Please find attached photo of the dovetails of the drawers. I have paid $50 for it. Thank you of ryou time and fast reply! Please let me know how much its worth, can I paint it or you would suggest not to, also if it is from the early 1900's or late 1800's. The joints look pretty even to me so I'm guessing it is from the ear lie 1900's. Thank you so much for your help!

machine made dovetails were done in the late 1800s;1890up to today.  but remember tat all things overlap and if you looked then at items for sale in catalogs you will find similar items spanning 10-15 years.  point being that without a written date or specific picture in a catalog, there is not way anyone can pinpoint a date closer than 10-20 years.

cleaned up in a shop it would sell at 600.  if you paint it please make sure you put a barrier coat of clear shellac first so when someone in the future wants to strip it they can do so without having to aggressively attack the wood surface.

you bought a good piece.  

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