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QUESTION: Mr. Klein,

This is a Landstrom Furn. Co. desk and I did manage to find a picture online with the exact same look.  I do not know if the description applies to our desk, but it was described as an Edwardian mahogany Carlton House Desk.  It has scratches and the leather top is damaged as well.  Unfortunately we have to part with it.  Could you please tell us how old it is, what the wood might be, and what a reasonable asking price would be when we list it?  Thank you so much.


ANSWER: edwardian style maybe but that was probably;y more of a commercial sales nomer.  edwardian is more of a sub species or sub category.  more preferably this could be called federal, even hepplewhite based on the configuration of the legs even though sheraton style used the same style legs.. base line is htat most all furniture, even period furniture is a melding of style elements.  

lets call this a federal style desk and put a price of 350 on it due to the condition.  auction price would be at 200.  restored properly it would have a market value of 750-850.

it is mahogany veneer and was manufactured 1920-40

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mr. Klein,

After reading your response, I searched out a 20 yr. old appraisal that I felt was vague as to the desk's identification and therefore didn't refer to it.  The appraiser identified it as a federal style desk as well, I say it was "vague" because I could never find anything similar online using that description.  He also described the surrounding drawer space as a "gallery top."  Can you give me an idea of what restoring it would entail?


some things cannot be easily categorized into a neat cubbyhole.  most items and especially 1900-1940, although well made and of nice style and form are combinations of style and element that preceded them.  What we have is a writing desk which is unusual nad nice in form and style.  Not rare as it was a manufactured item.  Manufactured does not make it better or worse.

for example, you can say federal, sheraton, hepplewhite, colonial revival and all will be perfectly acceptable and accurate.

someone with a flourish for descriptions could use the term gallery for the upper part of the desk, drawer gallery, roundabout gallery, butlers gallery and much more. Escritoire is another word that loosely describes this desk.

would you post a picture of the outside of the side of one drawer where the side meets the front please.

you can search for hours and not find a similar item but that does not mean it isnt there.  

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