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I inherited this maple (I think) drop leaf dining room table from my great-aunt 25 years ago and I'm sure it was in the family (in Ohio) for decades before that. It's round, unlatches in the center to pull apart to fit up to three leaves (which I also have). I can't find any manufacturer's mark on the table, but the leaves are stamped with the number 35517. There are two S. Bent & Bros. Windsor chairs that came with the table, but they don't really match it. We've been using it daily all this time and would like to continue to, but I'd like to get it cleaned up and refinished now. Can you give me an estimate of how much the table might be worth to help me decide how much to spend on reviving it?

here the truth.  it doesnt matter how much it is worth measured in money.  it is from the 1930s and it is family.  there is not another table like this in all the world.  your aunt made sure you got it, it is priceless.

so, get it refinished but make sure it is done by someone who knows what they are doing, not some garage finisher who thinks that polyurethane it the best thing going.

the s bent chairs are appropriate for the table and s bent made high quality colonial revival reproductions.

as a table it is worth about 200 as shown.  redone it is worth the cost of restoration--about 600.  but there is associative value and there is intrinsic value and think about this, can you go buy a solid maple or cherry or birch table like this for under 1000?  i think not.

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