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I was so lucky to inherit some beautiful furniture. Unfortunately all I can tell you about the pieces are that they were made by John Widdicomb Furniture. I would like to know the following information:

1. The date of manufacturing
2. The type of wood
3. The value
4. How to best care for the furniture, what products to use. The tops of the furniture all have     custom glass. I want to be able to pass this to my daughter eventually.

I would also like to know if there is a way to get a couple of pieces for the furniture. First of all there is a type of washer with threads that holds the mirror in place. I have one missing.

Also the decorative drawer handle is missing. Is there a place to find them, or can they be remade?

The page would only let me upload one photo. There are 4 pieces in this set. Dresser, Chest of Drawers, Vanity and Single Bed.

The second photo is a single bed from a different set. I know nothing of the manufacturer or any other information. I have more photos I could email, but I don't know how to attach any more.
I thank you in advance for your service.



the vanity is from the 1920s.  If you will provide a clear and in-focus photo I will try to help further. widdicomb company did well made items well designed.

to get more pieces that are an exact match will be unlikely however this style, william and mary colonial revival is available in shops.

use only paste wax on the furniture no oils.  Toluene free Briwax in a brown color is good.  use it once every few years otherwise just dust.

missing hardware, if metal can be made, you will have to locate someone that does metal casting, perhaps a custom jewelry maker.

The day bed i will comment on when i receive a closer picture, also clear and in focus.  do a pic of the foot and end wood.

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